What is Chongqing cuisine like? Who cooks some of the delicious foods? Where are the pandas? Where did tea start its fame? Who makes the beautiful Chinese dresses? How are they made, sewn by a machine? What is the history behind Terracotta Army? We learn with Joel as he takes us through the heart of China, Chengdu, and the neighboring cities of Chongqing and Xi’an! (captioned)


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  • Your thoughtfulness & consideration are so great, sir. There is only one thing to asl (say) about No Barriers with Joel, “CLASS”.

    Thanks for the memories. You are a true ASLegend, sir.

    Yours truly,

    Samuel Edward Dorsey

Joel Barish

No Barriers is Joel’s ultimate exploration. Join Barish as he discovers stories about amazing Deaf people, eats unique cultured cuisine and undertakes the wildest adventures.