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Joel takes you on his eight-day long adventure in and around Havana, Cuba and explores the beauty of its culture, from the colorful classic cars and architecture to the clear blue sea and delicious seafood to the factory where the famous Cuban cigars are made. Joel meets Deaf Cubans and joins in their daily lives; where they work, where they live, how they shop for food, and how they interact with others using the limited technology available. CC in English and Spanish. (captioned in English)

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  • Regarding TTY, the deaf Cubans receive donated TTYs. None of us use TTY anymore in America, many of us just toss it in landfill. Is there a way where we all can donate to deaf Cubans instead? Our TTYs are in perfect working conditions.

Joel Barish

No Barriers is Joel’s ultimate exploration. Join Barish as he discovers stories about amazing Deaf people, eats unique cultured cuisine and undertakes the wildest adventures.