An inter-active exhibition about communication guided by deaf guides.
This exhibition that brings forth the non- oral communication skills that exist in every one of us, and which are best expressed in the absence of voice and sound. In this non-standard experience one does not speak nor hear, and yet discovers a new alternative world of communication, through hands movements and body language.

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  • i like that what i saw your video. really was awesome like champs. i want in America have one same. because i want my family understand deaf’s cutler. im only deaf in my family. if here have one like this one. i want take my family to there in here. really amazing. let me know if it will make one build in us and i must take my family to there. thanks for share with us.

  • I agree with Grover’s message. And I want in Canada have one same too. Let me know if it will make one build in Canada.

Joel Barish

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