Joel takes us through Jodhpur, India where we see the Mehrangarh Fort, a shop owned by a Deaf person, and even a Deaf school! Joel expands on the interesting history of the fort, and more. Watch, explore, learn, enjoy! (captioned)


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  • I watched this with interest and wondered how many different Languages you sign. Is the Sign Language in India based on British Sign Language? I know Canadian and American Sign Language is pretty much the same with, of course, regional differences. I know a little AMSLAN and CANSLAN trhough my work, but it is very limited and I am now retired and have not used it for a long time. I hope you have time to respond and love the videos.

Joel Barish

No Barriers is Joel’s ultimate exploration. Join Barish as he discovers stories about amazing Deaf people, eats unique cultured cuisine and undertakes the wildest adventures.