Join Joel on a tour of ZVRS’ headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. Take a behind-the-scenes look at one of the top VRS companies’ operations, meet the CEO of ZVRS, and hear from the 4 Deaf vice presidents on what makes the company so special.


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  • Thank you for showing me and other deaf people of what is going on with ZVRS and I am very impressed with CEO wanting deaf people to get involved with decision makings. ZVRS got good people to run the business which is very successful.

  • I want to said thank u for the showing of ZVRS business.. WOW! It really impressed with CEO. I have z20 with me and love it . YAY ! ZVRS.
    Have a wonderful day to all ZVRS employees and CEO.

Joel Barish

No Barriers is Joel’s ultimate exploration. Join Barish as he discovers stories about amazing Deaf people, eats unique cultured cuisine and undertakes the wildest adventures.